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            Pharmaceutical Technologies Newsroom | Valor News and Videos | Corning

            Corning Valor vials

            Pharmaceutical Technologies

            Pharmaceutical Technologies

            Featured Stories

            Corning introduces Velocity? Vial technology platform, expanding industry partnerships

            Corning introduces Velocity? Vial technology platform

            The platform increases access to Corning’s Velocity? Vial technology, allowing industry leaders to make and sell the product – and providing more choice to pharma and biotech companies. Through the platform, Corning will expand its manufacturing footprint, localize its supply chains, and enable the purchase of Velocity Vials through a network of selling partners.

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            Valor? Glass In the News

            Pharmaceutical Technologies Headlines

            Corning Announces Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Joint Venture in Bengbu, China

            Corning Announces Pharmaceutical Packaging JV in Bengbu, China


            Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today announced a joint venture (JV) agreement with Bengbu Innovation Venture Capital Co. Ltd. in Bengbu, China.

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            U.S. Departments of Defense, Health & Human Services select Corning Valor? Glass packaging to accelerate delivery of COVID-19 vaccines

            Corning Valor? Glass Selected to Help Accelerate Delivery of COVID-19 Vaccines and Drugs


            Corning to receive $204M in funding to substantially expand domestic manufacturing capacity under White House’s Operation Warp Speed Initiative.

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