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            Automotive Glass Design and Display Technologies | Cleaner, Safer, More Connected Cars | Corning

            Helping to drive the trend toward cleaner, safer, more connected vehicles

            Building on more than four decades of leadership in clean-air technologies, Corning continually develops new innovations for emissions control, including gasoline particulate filters for gasoline engines. We are also enhancing vehicle exteriors and interiors with innovations in automotive glass technology that enable lightweight,?damage-resistant windows and displays with the sophistication you’ve come to expect from your smartphone.

            Fueling Automotive Innovation

            Fueling Automotive Innovation

            Driving to work while looking through a smart, head-up display that is also tough and damage resistant. Taking a road trip with confidence that cleaner, healthier air is exiting your vehicle’s exhaust. Accessing information with a swipe and a touch on your sleek, glass dashboard and console. Corning is delivering this vision for a cleaner, safer, more connected ride with its suite of stunning, breakthrough automotive technologies.

            For decades, Corning has succeeded in the auto industry with its clean-air products. Our highly engineered ceramic components trap or convert harmful pollutants before they get a chance to leave the vehicle’s tailpipe and enter the air we breathe. Thanks to these products, exhaust from new vehicles is often cleaner than the air around it. Automakers can meet ever-tightening pollution standards with Corning’s latest technologies, such as gasoline particulate filters.?

            We’re also ushering in a digital revolution into your car, based on our consumer electronics expertise. Corning? Gorilla? Glass makes for incredibly clear, tough, and lightweight automotive windows and sunroofs. Windshields with Gorilla Glass are perfect for digital displays and light enough to reduce overall vehicle weight, saving on fuel. Inside the car, Gorilla Glass can transform your console and navigation system into the ultimate co-pilot. Think curved, glass surfaces that respond to touch, connect with the web, and offer a better viewing experience than conventional glass.?

            A Century of Automotive Experience

            A Century of Automotive Experience

            Corning knows the automotive industry. It all started when Corning applied its expertise in glass science and precision forming to develop a specialized headlight glass, which helped automakers comply with new standards for highway safety around the turn of the 20th century. Then in 1970, the auto industry approached Corning with a challenge: find a way to reduce vehicle pollution by 90 percent in five years, to meet the demands of the U.S. Clean Air Act. Other companies’ solutions were melting in testing due to the heat of the exhaust. Corning responded with the cellular ceramic substrate, a product no larger than a soft drink can that contains the surface area of a football field. It sits at the heart of the catalytic converter and sets the industry standard for emissions control. Now Corning has sold more than 1.8 billion substrates and the Clean Air Act legislation has negated enough pollutants to fill almost a billion fully loaded jumbo jets. We work closely with our customers to meet ever-tightening emissions standards and continue innovating in automotive powertrain design.

            Our Strategic Advantage in Automotive Technologies

            Our Strategic Advantage in Automotive Technologies

            Corning’s automotive products leverage some of our three best-in-the-world core technologies and four expert manufacturing processes. To invent and make our products, we combine our deep knowledge of glass and ceramic science with expert capabilities in fusion, extrusion, and precision forming.

            Learn how Corning leverages its focused portfolio to uniquely address the Automotive market.

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