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            Company Profile | Corporate Headquarters | Corning

            Corning is vital to progress – in the industries we shape
            and in the world we share.

            Who We Are. What We Do.

            Who We Are. What We Do.

            Corning is vital to progress – in the industries we shape and in the world we?share.? We invent life-changing technologies using materials science. Our scientific?and manufacturing expertise, boundless curiosity, and commitment to?purposeful invention place us at the center of the way the world interacts,?works, learns, and lives.? Our sustained investment in research, development, and invention means?we’re always ready to solve the toughest challenges alongside our?customers.??

            Corning’s businesses are ever evolving to best serve our customers,?industries, and consumers. Today, we accelerate and transform life sciences,?mobile consumer electronics, optical communications, display, and?automotive markets. We are changing the world with trusted products that accelerate drug discovery, development, and?delivery to save lives?; damage-resistant cover glass to enhance the devices that keep us?connected?; optical fiber, wireless technologies, and connectivity solutions to carry information and ideas at the speed of life?; precision glass for advanced displays to deliver richer experiences; and auto glass and ceramics to drive cleaner, safer, and smarter transportation.

            At A Glance

            At A Glance

            Explore Corning At A Glance for an overview of the five markets Corning serves, as well as information on our commitment to research and development, our mission, and our values.

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            Wendell P. Weeks, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

            "This is a company that is built to last…a company that continually produces innovations that enhance people’s lives and transform industries… a company that rewards its shareholders with stability, a reliable dividend, and the opportunity for explosive growth from successful new products. But most importantly, this is a company that always lives its values and makes a real difference in the world.”

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